The loss of continuity of a bone is called a fracture, ranging from microscopic, hairline to highly comminuted type.


Traumatic fractures occur when an excessive load is applied to a normal bone by violence or trauma.

Direct Violence - here the bone breaks at the site where trauma is inflicted, namely

  • Tapping: which causes transverse fracture
  • Crushing: which causes a  comminuted fracture with extensive soft tissue damage

Indirect Violence  - here the fracture occurs due to twisting or bending stress applied to a bone as follows

  • Rotational or twisting force applied to the foot may cause a spiral fracture of the tibia
  • Angulation force which may cause transverse fracture
  • Angulation force combined with axial compression may cause fracture where the centre fragment is triangular and is known as  butterfly fracture

Muscular Violence  - a sudden contraction of a muscle may cause a fracture to the bone to which it is attached

eg: Particulate fractures by sudden quadricep's contraction or Olecranon fracture(of the bony portion of elbow) by sudden tricep's contraction with resistant extension of the elbow(also known as Avulsion fracture).

Ayurvedic Routine

Fractures in children:

The bones of children and adults share many of the same risks for injury. Since they are still growing, a child's bones are also subject to a unique injury called a "growth plate" or "Epyphyseal plate" fracture. Growth plates are areas of cartilage located near the ends of bones and damage to these can interfere with the growth of the bone. There are also instances where the bone may fracture incompletely, which is known as "green stick fracture".

Spiritual Ayurveda