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Kairali Vaidyasala & Chikitsalayam

Traditional Ayurvedic System Of Healing

Welcome to the world of pure kalari ayurveda treatment. Renowned for its efficiency and trustworthiness.
V Chandran Gurukkal is the flag bearer of this genre of Ayurvedic Treatment since 1929.
We have both inpatient and outpatient facilities, specializing in traditional ayurvedic kalari and panchakarma treatment. All our medicines are made inhouse as per the traditional knowledge passed down from generations before. Our specialized treatments for fractures, disc problems, joint dislocation, spondylosis, chronic backpain, sports injuries, neuro and muscular defects and many more are renowned.

Pure Kalari Ayurveda

Among India's many claims to fame is the ancient medical science known as Ayurveda; the name derived from the Sanskrit words(ayur:life and veda:science). This is a healing method that relies on herbs as medicines. This 5000 or more years old system of medicine finds its origin in India's ancient Vedic culture and has been enjoying a resurgence the world over.

It has a prolonged history and hence has been augmented by contributions at different stages in accordance with geographical, climatic and cultural parameters. Ayurveda is considered to be the most ancient healing system by many and Kerala has its own historical/traditional treatments as well.

Kairali Tradition

Sami Gurukkal who was one of the famous traditional kalari practitioners of the 20th century, established Kairali Kalari Sangam at Karanthur near Calicut (Kerala) in 1929. "Martial arts" generally evoke the image of violence and Kalaripayattu is no different. It, however, has a softer side; the healing systems that are very popular in northern Kerala. Kalaripayattu masters are not only experts in martial arts but also highly skilled in sports injury treatment and rehabilitation.

V. Chandran Gurukkal, under the guidance of his grandfather Sami Gurukkal, established the Kairali Vaidyasala and Chikitsalayam at Karanthur. This Ayurvedic hospital has an in-house manufacturing facility for preparation of medicines by traditional methods as well as mechanized processing of medicinal herbs.


Accurate diagnosis, finest quality medicines, exclusive exercise regimen culminating in a totally satisfying healing experience.


May all be filled with peace, well-being, happiness and love.


Treatment rendered by the renowned Vettath family for their effective treatments/healing service over the decades.


We do not have treatment packages but treatments are specific as per each individual's diagnosis.


We put to practice the age old wisdom imported from generations before, in its pristine form of treatment. Rejects from well known hospitals have been successfully treated as many of our patients testify.

Traditional Medicines

Exceptionally effective and trustworthy medicines that are prepared in-house as per authentic formulations that have been passed on from preceding generations of repute.