Legendary Founding Fathers

Sami Gurukkal

Sami Gurukkal, one of the famous kalari practitioners of the early 20th century, established Kairali Kalari Sangham at Karanthur near Calicut, Kerala in 1929. Martial arts generally evoke an image of violence and Kalaripayattu is no exception. It has however a softer side; healing systems that are very popular all throughout Kerala. The Kalaripayattu masters are not only experts in martial art but also highly skilled in sports injury treatment and rehabilitation.

Kairali Group Profile

V Chandran Gurukkal

V Chandran Gurukkal, under his grandfather's guidance established the Kairali Vaidyasala & Chikilsalayam at Karanthur which includes a manufacturing unit for preparation of medicines and mechanised processing of herbs required for treatment of patients. He continued to develop and employ various kinds of treatment techniques for fractures, vertebral disorders, ligament injuries and dislocations. He had exceptional talent in treating sports injuries as well as a plethora of ailments.

Social Responsibility